Change of Venue Means No Change of Heart

After struggling with a different blogging system for about six months, my Webmaster and I decided to bite the bullet and switch over to WordPress. This opening salvo is the first blog for me for in WordPress, but not my first ViztaView blog, nor my first WordPress blog, either. Please let me explain…

I blog six times a week for two different TechTarget blogs on their IT Knowledge Exchange site:

  1. IT Career JumpStart, a series of regular ruminations on how to improve upon one’s career satisfaction in an information technology setting. This includes more or less equal emphasis on continuing education, IT certification, soft skills development, and the work/life balancing act.
  2. Vista Enterprise Desktop, a collection of essays, observations, software reviews, and how-to’s aimed at IT professionals who work with Vista at some level of scale worthy of enterprise aspiration, if not outright enterprise identification. Here, too, you’ll find coverage of relevant IT certifications (from Microsoft, primarily), news items, plus Vista-relevant tools and technologies.

I’ve also been blogging inside a different environment at since May, 2008. I’m thinking about reposting all of them inside WordPress as quickly as spare time allows, with original dates included in their titles. That leads to some questions to anyone who’s interested in commenting on same:

  1. Does reposting consitute an offense against blog ethics? (I would remove the original postings so they would only be available here)
  2. Does dating in the title make sense? Would it be better to provide the original date as the first line of body copy?

I want to repost my earlier blogs (about 100 or so of them) because they include valuable content (at least as far as I can tell, in judging my own work) and because they are currently unsearchable in their present environment (one of the big reasons for us to make this switch to WordPress). All comments are welcome so please let me know what you think.


For more about me, check out my personal Web page at I also write regularly for Tom’s Hardware, Tom’s Guide, various TechTarget Web sites, and have contributed to over 140 computer trade books on topics from HTML and XML to Home Theater PCs.



  1. Posted January 1, 2009 at 1:13 am | Permalink

    My $.02 on this question is as follows: given that we’re switching from one blog to the other, I don’t think it’s unethical to re-post, as the content is extremely valuable, and will gain exposure here. In WordPress, you have the option to change the publication date so that the posts match the original timeline. I think it might be, as such, redundant to date the title, as the publication dates will still align.


  2. Posted January 6, 2009 at 2:40 pm | Permalink

    For the world at large: you’ll note that articles from the previous blog platform will be appearing in chunks as we move things over, and if you were on yesterday, January 5th, you’ll have noticed some very interesting screen behavior. All fixed. Thanks for your patience as we work out the kinks…


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