Monthly Archives: March 2009

Oops! Image Update Clobbers Dual XP/Win 7 Boot

OK, so if you read this blog or know me at all, you already know I have trouble leaving things alone for long. I like to tinker, tweak, and twiddle the settings on my various PCs — sometimes to the exclusion of other activities, even revenue generating ones. This morning, I learned the hard way […]

Will I Ever Learn? More Vista Reliability Woes

In my recent return to blogging here, I tried to provide some hard-learned and -earned guidelines on how to keep a Vista system running reliably, and tried to provide some guidelines to help ensure stable operation. That blog is entitled “Uhhh…Is This Thing Live?” and offers these four suggestions to help boost Vista reliability index values.

Windows 7 on Netbooks: Attractive Proposition

I’ve been fiddling and futzing with Windows 7 on a variety of platforms lately, prepping to write a few articles on this new OS. One of the more interesting installs has been to get Windows 7 up and running on my Asus Eee PC 1000 HE netbook. I went ahead and bumped the RAM up […]

MediaSmart Server Comes Through in the Clutch!

I’ve been working off and on for the past 10 days on an MSI PR200 notebook PC for my son to use. It’s now got 4 GB of RAM and a 160 GB 7,200 RPM hard disk, instead of the 2 GB of RAM and 160 GB 5,400 RPM drive it started out with. It’s […]

Check Out Software Information for Windows (SIW)

I subscribe to a bunch of mailing lists, one of which is devoted to interchanges among computer book authors. Walter Glenn is a regular poster to this list, and has been regaling us with his search for good standalone .exe Windows utilities suitable for what’s called “portable operation”–that is, from a USB key you can […]