Rats! Weekend Power Outage Derails Steady ReliIndex Climb

Alas, my part of Central Texas took an extended power hit early Sunday morning. Although I’ve got a UPS on my production system, its battery is only good for about 90 minutes of backup power. By some strange quirk of fate, this power outage went for 151 minutes if the difference between my electric clocks (where I have to maintain time settings myself) and the cable TV box (where Time-Warner keeps time with its own NTP server) is any indication of its duration.

Why am I telling you this? Because this led to an abnormal Windows shutdown (I’m not using the USB link from the UPS into my production PC to trigger a deliberate shutdown because we so seldom have power outages long enough to require one during hours when I’m not at the machine anyway). Otherwise, my Reliability Index shows a straight upward inclination ever since I moved the paging file to my D: drive last Monday, as I reported in my previous blog.

Nothing but up since the day (highlighted) I moved the paging file.

Nothing but up since the day (highlighted) I moved the paging file.

Of course, this event sheds no light on whether or not my recent page file relocation adds to or detracts from the stability of my production Vista machine’s runtime status. Given the pattern of the month leading up to this change, and a completely trouble-free week following it, I remain somewhere between optimistic and increasingly convinced that I’ve found and fixed at least one source, if not THE source, for my ongoing Vista vacillations (I’ve been burned and bitten by Vista often enough to shy away from the notion of fast or final fixes).

Will this fix stand the test of time? I’m still watching and still hoping, and you can count on me to keep reporting as time keeps ticking past. You might also want to check out my recent TechTarget blog on prepping machines for the upcoming (some time this month, if rumor has any credence) Windows 7 Release Candidate, or RC build, from Microsoft later this month. For those in search of some good, free, and reasonably systematic Vista training online — not to mention online access to yours truly as the online instructor of record —you might also want to check these HP Home and Home Office Windows Vista classes I’m teaching right now: Microsoft Windows Vista: Advanced Customization and Tune Up Your Windows Vista PC. Both classes run through the end of May, and I’d be delighted to see any of my regular readers popping up there.


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