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Handy Wake-up Utility Succeeds Where RDC Fails

Vista Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) may balk at interacting with remote target PCs if they’re in sleep mode. Learn how to configure your PC and use a handy little utility to wake them up so you can access them using RDC.


SuperTalent PICO-mini 8 GB UFD Hits Several Interesting Marks

In a review I posted last December entitled Super Talent Pico Drives I extolled the virtues of these compact 8GB swing-open and metal-plated USB Flash Drives (aka UFDs). Basically these drives are tiny, capacious, and very affordable, which is why is I both use them myself and recommend them to others. My only ding on their […]

But Wait…Vista’s Not ALL Bad

Ed’s speculations as to why his production desktop machine is so prone to Vista issues and instability.

Current List of Unsolved Vista Mysteries

I’m still beating my head against the wall with my production machine (see stats below) hoping for solutions and/or relief of my current and outstanding unsolved problems — what I half-joking call my “unsolved Vista mysteries” in the title to this most recent blog. Today’s (or yesterday’s, rather) Reliability Index value sits at a pretty […]