Current List of Unsolved Vista Mysteries

I’m still beating my head against the wall with my production machine (see stats below) hoping for solutions and/or relief of my current and outstanding unsolved problems — what I half-joking call my “unsolved Vista mysteries” in the title to this most recent blog. Today’s (or yesterday’s, rather) Reliability Index value sits at a pretty reasonable 8.85 level on my production machine, but that’s in part because I’ve learned what things I can’t use (or attempt to run) on this machine, lest those values tumble.

Here’s what’s still broken or not working on this machine:

  1. I can’t run the Windows Sidebar. As soon as I attempt to run sidebar.exe, it crashes on me. Found a great repair tip at, but it doesn’t work for me!
  2. When I try to load the Event Viewer, I get an error that tells me the system is unable to load eventviewer.msc. Needless to say, this makes in-depth troubleshooting a bit trickier than usual, even for Windows Vista! I’ve noodled around looking for solutions and found some great potential solutions in the Technet Forums, but again, none of this worked for me.
  3. Even though all my network resources are now working properly, including NetBIOS stuff, HP MediaSmart Server, Internet access, and so forth, the system tray network widget still reports that I’m not connected to any networks. I find all kinds of interesting reports on this issue but no resolutions (see this one for example; here’s another).
  4. I’m getting occasional, unexplained failures in the Desktop Window Manager (dwm.exe) and in Explorer.exe. Lots of people report this, and some blame graphics drivers, others BIOS issues. I’ve made sure I’m current on both, but still no joy.

I’d really love it if somebody wanted to set me straight on even one of these issues. I’m particularly vexed about the Event Viewer item, because it really puts the brakes on my general troubleshooting skills and access to vital system information. It’s starting to look like I’m trembling on the brink of total system failure, and may soon need to rebuild the system from scratch. In the meantime, I’m hoping to lay hands on a production version of Windows 7 soon, as it would very much be my preference to go ahead and upgrade to this faster, sleeker, and more stable-appearing OS. As long as I have to rebuild my machine anyway, why shouldn’t I try an OS that proffers more hope of trouble-free operation than recent experience with Vista tells me might lie ahead for this machine?


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