ViztaView.com is all about Windows Vista. After a couple of years of playing in the operating system, learning its ups and downs, author Ed Tittel and web developer Rebekkah Hilgraves decided to team up once more to create a site to tell you about it!

Ed Tittel is a 23-year computer industry veteran with an interesting background. A Princeton and multiple University of Texas graduate, Ed started his academic career with undergraduate and graduate degrees in anthropology. Then, realizing the need for gainful employment, he moved into computer science, and has never looked back since starting his first programming job in 1981.

Ed spent his first six years in the industry writing code, primarily for database-related systems and applications, at companies such as Information Research Associates (now known as Scientific and Engineering Software, Inc.), Michael Leesley Consulting, and at Schlumberger’s Austin Research Center.

In 1986, Ed switched from staring at a CRT to the softer side of the business, moving into management and marketing. From 1988 to 1994, he was employed in a variety of positions at Novell, initially at Excelan (which was acquired by Novell in June 1989).

For the rest of Ed’s bio, read more here…

Rebekkah’s brainchild, SheTech and Company, began as a part-time, one-person consultancy in the mid-1990s. Rebekkah has been knocking around the IT industry for many years, starting in technical support and moving through technical documentation, training, project management and finally small business consulting, which included web hosting, design and maintenance, small networks, software support and the ubiquitous “other duties as assigned” (which is probably the entirety of any consultant’s job description).

Starting life as a technical trainer for Cheetah Software Systems in Los Angeles, she moved quickly into technical support and documentation, finding need for both while with Cheetah. From there, she worked with the marketing team for software testing software (Software Research, Inc. in San Francisco), supported and documented UNIX-Windows interoperability software (Exodus Technologies and GraphOn Corporation in Seattle) and supported and project-managed a web-based collaborative development environment (in San Francisco-based CollabNet’s New York office). After CollabNet closed down its New York operations, she formed SheTech and Company — the “and Company” comprising Rebekkah and herself most of the time.

Upon moving to Austin, Texas in 2006, she was invited to become part of the NetPerformance.com team, a position which prompted a move more strongly into web design and content management, now the specialty of SheTech and Company. Now based in Maryville, Tennessee, SheTech and Company is made up of a national team of highly skilled graphic designers, web designers, marketing/communications and database experts.

In her spare time, Rebekkah is also an opera singer, often annoying neighbors and scaring small children with the sound of her voice.

The “and Company” part of SheTech and Company includes some of the industry’s most talented programmers, writers, graphic designers and database designers. See the web site here.


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