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Ed Tittel is a 23-year computer industry veteran with an interesting background. A Princeton and multiple University of Texas graduate, Ed started his academic career with undergraduate and graduate degrees in anthropology. Then, realizing the need for gainful employment, he moved into computer science, and has never looked back since starting his first programming job in 1981.

Ed spent his first six years in the industry writing code, primarily for database-related systems and applications, at companies such as Information Research Associates (now known as Scientific and Engineering Software, Inc.), Michael Leesley Consulting, and at Schlumberger’s Austin Research Center.

In 1986, Ed switched from staring at a CRT to the softer side of the business, moving into management and marketing. From 1988 to 1994, he was employed in a variety of positions at Novell, initially at Excelan (which was acquired by Novell in June 1989).

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Testing, Testing

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Test System Woes Finally Solved, But Not Without a Final Fillip of Loathing and Despair

OK, so let me be clear about what has caused my latest learning adventures in Windows installation and optimization: I failed to let sleeping dogs lie, and decided it was time to upgrade my primary test system from Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit to Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. I wasn’t using the system for media stuff […]

The Importance of “Opportunity Cost” in Troubleshooting

In trying to get one of my SSD-based test systems to work properly, I decided to upgrade from x86 Windows 7 Ultimate to x64 Windows Professional. And alas, I thereby willingly threw myself into the slough of despond. Even though I swapped out the SSD for a conventional HD, when I tried to run the Windows […]

Making SSDs Work on Desktop PCs: BIOS Shenanigans (Part 1 of 3)

Being geeky enough to get myself in trouble on my PC on a pretty regular basis, I’m also geeking up enough to dig myself out of most of this self-inflicted misery. Recent case in point: I acquired a couple of SSDs, one a 128 GB MasterDrive SX from SuperTalent Technologies (with Samsung innards and controller) […]

GUID Shortcuts

Here’s the text for the various and sundy Windows 7 only (names begin with W7) and Windows 7 and Vista (names begin with WV) GUID-based shortcuts I describe and depict in my “GUIDs, Shortcuts, and “GodMode” in Windows 7 and Vista” blog at TechTarget. Length or syntax issues prevented me from posting it directly there, […]