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No Joy on In-place Upgrade; Clean Install Succeeds

I’d been hoping to try an upgrade install on my balky, problem-prone production PC to see if it could cure or at least help to address some of the issues that Vista has developed over time in that runtime environment. Alas, it was not to be. I’ll share the details in the next paragraphs, but […]

Uhhh….is this thing live?

[Updated 3/12/09: new bullet added. Oy!] I can’t believe I let three months go by without posting to my own blog. Just goes to show you how the unpaid volunteer work compares to the jobs for paying customers. Nevertheless, I’m going to try to climb back on this horse and ride it a bit further […]

Change of Venue Means No Change of Heart

After struggling with a different blogging system for about six months, my Webmaster and I decided to bite the bullet and switch over to WordPress. This opening salvo is the first blog for me for in WordPress, but not my first ViztaView blog, nor my first WordPress blog, either. Please let me explain…