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Testing, Testing

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Test System Woes Finally Solved, But Not Without a Final Fillip of Loathing and Despair

OK, so let me be clear about what has caused my latest learning adventures in Windows installation and optimization: I failed to let sleeping dogs lie, and decided it was time to upgrade my primary test system from Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit to Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. I wasn’t using the system for media stuff […]

The Importance of “Opportunity Cost” in Troubleshooting

In trying to get one of my SSD-based test┬ásystems to work properly, I decided to upgrade from x86 Windows 7 Ultimate to x64 Windows Professional. And alas, I thereby willingly threw myself into the slough of despond. Even though I swapped out the SSD for a conventional HD, when I tried to run the Windows […]

Making SSDs Work on Desktop PCs: BIOS Shenanigans (Part 1 of 3)

Being geeky enough to get myself in trouble on my PC on a pretty regular basis, I’m also geeking up enough to dig myself out of most of this self-inflicted misery. Recent case in point: I acquired a couple of SSDs, one a 128 GB MasterDrive SX from SuperTalent Technologies (with Samsung innards and controller) […]

GUID Shortcuts

Here’s the text for the various and sundy Windows 7 only (names begin with W7) and Windows 7 and Vista (names begin with WV) GUID-based shortcuts I describe and depict in my “GUIDs, Shortcuts, and “GodMode” in Windows 7 and Vista” blog at TechTarget. Length or syntax issues prevented me from posting it directly there, […]