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Rude Surprises: Asus P5K Mobo Doesn’t Do VT; Bungled BIOS Flash Hoses Same

In Windows 7, running Windows XP mode requires that the computer support Virtualization Technology (VT). Most modern Intel and AMD CPUs support VT, but I am learning to my woe and dismay that some motherboards — including some relatively new ones — do not. This includes the Asus P5K motherboard that has otherwise proven itself […]

No Joy on In-place Upgrade; Clean Install Succeeds

I’d been hoping to try an upgrade install on my balky, problem-prone production PC to see if it could cure or at least help to address some of the issues that Vista has developed over time in that runtime environment. Alas, it was not to be. I’ll share the details in the next paragraphs, but […]

Here goes…something: Win7 Upgrade

Although my recent recitation of Vista system problems has not been altered (and I’ve also lost my ability to interact with my HP MediaSmart Server via the Windows Home Server Connector in the interim), I’m still going to try an upgrade install from Windows Vista Ultimate to Windows 7 Ultimate on my primary production machine. […]