Post SP1 Cleanup, Part 1

In the wake of installing Vista SP1, I’ve been noticing various little “gotchas” that have popped up and require my attention as time goes by. It’s been about 4 to 5 months since SP1 hit, and I’ve been slowly and steadily inspecting and cleaning up in its wake. Advertisements

Shaking Down Windows Vista Proves Too Interesting

In the past two weeks, I’ve built a new Windows Vista system and upgraded the CPU on my primary production machine. In each case, I’ve seen problems pop up afterward that caused the Windows Reliability Monitor to report errors and related problems on those machines, and have watched their reliability scores plummet accordingly.

Vista compatible firewalls

Part of my daily routine consists of visiting online message boards for IT and technical classes for instructing online courses for companies that currently include HP, Sony, Radio Shack, and Motorola (I’ve also taught online courses for Symantec, IBM, Forbes and Business Week, and others). One topic that I’ve built courses for and teach regularly has to do with Windows Firewalls, not to be confused or conflated with the Windows Firewall Program introduced with SP1 on Windows XP, and now included with both Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Post SP1 Cleanup, Part 3

Whenever you install a service pack on a Windows machine, it’s not unusual for it to leave plenty of files strewn about your system disk in its wake. What’s unusual about Windows Vista SP1, however, is that it includes its own clean-up utility.

Post SP1 Cleanup, Part 2

When I started developing problems with a couple of SP1 Vista installs recently—application crashes, system instability, system software components shutting down—I started my troubleshooting by eliminating potential hardware-related causes. Once those were behind me, I encountered some issues with the accretion of application installs and uninstalls over time.