But Wait…Vista’s Not ALL Bad

Ed’s speculations as to why his production desktop machine is so prone to Vista issues and instability.


Rats! Weekend Power Outage Derails Steady ReliIndex Climb

Alas, my part of Central Texas took an extended power hit early Sunday morning. Although I’ve got a UPS on my production system, its battery is only good for about 90 minutes of backup power. By some strange quirk of fate, this power outage went for 151 minutes if the difference between my electric clocks […]

Another Vista Rule To Follow (and Bemoan)

When I restarted my blog in early March, I penned a screed entitled “Uhhh….Is This Thing Live?” to recount some hard-learned lessons about how to keep Vista stable and operational. These included the following dicta: Avoid unnecessary installs If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it Hide unwanted updates If an app or the OS asks […]